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Hello! Welcome to the brand new home of the Yabloko Announcement Service! This is where I post about things I'm currently doing and that. Sometimes I might have art pieces here as well! Anyways, have a great time!

A little ID thing for the upcoming Art Fight! This year, it's Sugar vs. Spice!

For those who are participating, my username is Apfelsaft and I'm (hopefully) going to be on Team Spice.

Addendum: Change of plans, I'll continue posting art, but all interactions will be kept to a minimum as I'll be using PostyBirb until I get better or the situation gets better.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Mastodon announcement service will be inactive until further notice. I am very unwell right now and I need some distance away from this site and my other social media. After I come back, I may catch up on any artwork that I made in the intermin, but we'll see...

All of my recent works (late 2019 thru early 2020) have been reuploaded to my newest accounts! Of course, there's a lot of older stuff and OCs that remains only my Toyhouse and my abandoned [REDACTED] account for various reasons (mostly quality control), as of now, I'm currently done with all the old stuff and will now focus on new things.

Hello Mastodon! Sorry for all the silence, I've been really busy and all that. But not to worry, I've got some of my sonas here for your viewing pleasure.

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