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Hello! Welcome to the brand new home of the Yabloko Announcement Service! This is where I post about things I'm currently doing and that. Sometimes I might have art pieces here as well! Anyways, have a great time!

In Japan, there is a treat enjoyed at New Year's called kagami mochi. This New Year's, Thorn and Ravenfire partake in such a thing, with Raven thinking of cutting it with his scythe.

POV: You were walking around a bamboo forest when you come across a small little shrine, and at the entrance is a small cat who happily welcomes you


Hey, happy December! I made an experiment in limited palettes that I would like to share.

Greetings, people of Earth! I have been absent since Goretober ended because I have a lot of assignments and tests to work on. I have managed to make myself a new OC in the interim to keep myself sane.
Full bio:


Today's the last day of Goretober (in my timezone, at least), so I want to wish you folks a happy Halloween! Thank you for all the likes/faves/etc. you've gave to my arts these past days, and I would like to also thank you for your paitence for all the delays. See you next year!


Day 30 of Goretober with some Touhou fanart once again. This time it's Rumia enjoying her evening meal.

CW: blood 

Day 29th hath cometh and Jazz is having a horrible, awful nightmare. Can you guess what the nightmare is referencing?


On the 28th day of Goretober, Honey Kris has taken up some deep-sea diving and is exploring the seas. Unbeknownst to her, there is a creature lurking in the murky depths....

CW: exposed organs 

This 27th day of Goretober features a certain Milo serenely lying down on a table while Everett does some stitching work slightly off screen.

CW: bugs, blood and gore 

The 25th day of Goretober shows what lengths love can take as Phure has infiltrated a giant bug monster's lair to rescue his husband Kewpie from being eaten.


Day 24th of Goretober with Yevgeny being tied up and gagged for some nefarious reason, and the pink cat is NOT happy about it.

CW: blood, knife 

Day 23rd with Black once again, this time in the role of an Impostor who has... "lent a hand" to a fellow crewmate.

CW: impalement 

Day 22nd of Goretober, with Chasan and Tally attempting to play William Tell, but both of them have a different idea of what that entails.

I would like to apologize for a slight mistake. For some reason, the Day 20 Goretober piece was cancelled and I didn't notice until after day 22 was posted! So sorry that it's a bit out of order now....

CW: depiction of death 

Day 20th of Goretober, with Prickles the cactus bun coming in contact with a mirror showing their worse nightmare.

CW: blood, gunshot wound 

The 21st day has shows an unfortunate Black dying from a gunshot wound in the stomach, produced by an Impostor. Poor them....

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