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Hello! Welcome to the brand new home of the Yabloko Announcement Service! This is where I post about things I'm currently doing and that. Sometimes I might have art pieces here as well! Anyways, have a great time!

Note to self: No more doing these big ass comics for seasonal changes. As pretty as they are, I rarely ever get them done in time.
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A small experiment in profile-face drawing and that. Also an excuse to draw one more winter thing before spring arrives.

For this special day, I bring to you the cover page for the prologue for Zombies and Marshmallows! The plan is to release a page every Sunday or so, so stay tuned!

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Hallo! Long time no see........
I've still been drawing stuff, I just keep forgetting Postybirb exists lol. This is one of the more recent things I finished; this is a logo I made for my webcomic Mind Your Magic.

In Japan, there is a treat enjoyed at New Year's called kagami mochi. This New Year's, Thorn and Ravenfire partake in such a thing, with Raven thinking of cutting it with his scythe.

POV: You were walking around a bamboo forest when you come across a small little shrine, and at the entrance is a small cat who happily welcomes you


Hey, happy December! I made an experiment in limited palettes that I would like to share.

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