european citizens' initiative for universal basic income, :boost_ok: 

for anyone that hasn't seen this:
there's an ECI for establishing universal basic income throughout the EU
if you're eligible to sign it (are an EU citizen) i urge you to do so

These 2 classic experiments highlight human susceptibilities. They also give some insight into how the mind of man operates if allowed to go unchecked. This is why it's so important to understand and recognize propaganda techniques so you always think for yourself!

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if propaganda worked, they wouldn't need to censor you

@anthracite Try meditating for a few minutes. The inner peace will eliminate the exterior stress.

@duckduckgo I cut facebook out of life years ago and I am happier for it. ^_^

@jgoerzen The reasoning is obvious.
Why would facebook allow people to promote an alternative social media platform?

Or let's put this another way:
Would you allow people to advertise your competitors' products in your own shop?

It's the same thing.

cw: creature body horror 

@xzyolotl This looks really good.
For some reason "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" comes to mind.

Am I... dumb? 

@Gina I don't think there is a link between intelligence and cryptocurrency.
Better do research on cryptocurrency before deciding to invest in such things.

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