What is your favourite Japanese RPG?

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@MustafaKulle My obnoxious hipster answer would be Chrono Trigger but I'm having a lot of fun revisiting Pokemon Black 2 at the moment.

Lol. Well, I'm a retired Pokemon trainer. Started with Pokemon Blue on my Gameboy color. Got tired of catching the same Pokemon over and over again. The last games I played were Pokemon Black and White. I didn't even know they had sequels.

I never heard of Chrono Trigger. Turns out it was never released in the UK. Thank goodness for Steam. I'll give that a play some day.

These days I'm revisiting Grandia 2. The music, the characters, the story. Plain awesome.

@MustafaKulle Pokémon peaked at Black & White story-wise and then peaked further at Black and White 2 in terms of sheer content. It’s all been downhill from there.

Chrono Trigger meanwhile has aged like wine and is considered to be one of the best games to be released on the SNES. I would highly recommend it even if you could only play it on an emulator.

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