european citizens' initiative for universal basic income, :boost_ok: 

for anyone that hasn't seen this:
there's an ECI for establishing universal basic income throughout the EU
if you're eligible to sign it (are an EU citizen) i urge you to do so

These 2 classic experiments highlight human susceptibilities. They also give some insight into how the mind of man operates if allowed to go unchecked. This is why it's so important to understand and recognize propaganda techniques so you always think for yourself!

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if propaganda worked, they wouldn't need to censor you

Someone once said:
"It is better to be a capitalist pig than to be a communist sheep."

My response to that is:
They both have corrupt senior management.
They both focus on centralisation and control.

I think what we need is balance.

Well look what arrived in the post. My pre-ordered Iron Maiden album and T shirt.
I am so happy.

Hello Everyone, I will be attending the London Anime Convention this Saturday the 31st July selling printed copies of my manga comic. I look forward to meeting you there.

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