Practice drawing of samurai armour of a later era.
Possibly during the Warring states period.


Work in progress for my upcoming Japanese Graphic Novel
Our peasant protagonist Daitaro kills a raidng barbarian.

Hey Gamers, check this out!

MASS Builder

It's on steam.

As a fan of the mech genre, 'Gundam' and 'Armored Core' being my favourites, this is a combination of the two. The customisation looks insane. I can't wait for its completion.

One Year of Drawing My Japanese Comic

To celebrate Japan's National Holiday today,
I present to you a whole year of drawing for my Japanese comic.
These are my completed pages so far. It is work in progress.

Part of writing a novel is like solving a puzzle. You have your story, and then you work out how to structure it. You will come across problems along the way, not only are you compelled to find a solution to a problem, you will find ways to make it better than expected. Let your creativity flow.

I am really liking LBRY/Odysee. Lots of good content on there. And best of all, no adverts.

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