Boy, Mastodon is easily becoming better and better every day compared to birdsite. At least everyone here isn't mad all the time at everything.

@Mray901 right?? at this point, the only thing that keeps me on birdsite are friends and artists. Everything else is just so blegh

@MairuzuRoxs @Mray901 Yo find out if the artists have a website with RSS and put that in an RSS reader instead

@MairuzuRoxs If it wasn't one of the only ways I keep in touch with most people, I would have left by now. Same with Facebook. Both have their benefits but I'm just so sick of them.

@Mray901 @MairuzuRoxs I made sure I was in at least one Discord server with all of my close Twitter friends (and a few of you are on here), so I'm much less tempted to use it now. All my irl friends and family members have my phone number and email, so it was easy for me to hop off Facebook years ago.

@Mray901 at the least this place lacks the tacit-if-not-explicit community permission that lets everyone express it on birdsite. For now, anyway!

@Mray901 I've been using Twitter more the past couple days and I'm already tired of it. I'm staring at my feed like "Why does it feel like everyone is yelling? Why is everyone arguing with each other?"

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