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Old drawing of my friend's character. I tried experimenting with manga tones for this one.

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petition to make Funky Student a social link

Every time I stop playing Final Fantasy XIV, I do so with a smile on my face. I'm having a really pleasant time. I got to level 9 in leatherworking and made a new friend! I like this game. :3

Final Fantasy XIV is going very well.

Boy, Mastodon is easily becoming better and better every day compared to birdsite. At least everyone here isn't mad all the time at everything.

oh my god the photo mode in ffxiv though

evie branstar is a queen and i will make her look pretty

You're just gonna go right out there and try to win me over like that eh FFXIV

I started Final Fantasy XIV and created my character and I love her already. @adamk678

I just drew a pretty sweet Rosalina that I worked on for like 40 minutes and saved the wrong file and can't get it back

So I'm officially an artist now

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As soon as I saw Patema I knew I had to draw her.

Hey! I did a super quick & super weeby cover of Baka Mitai from the Yakuza games! Give it a listen if you like hearing Americans try and sing Japanese words! <3

Slightly NSFW, Camilla In Underwear Show more

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Finished Zelda! The outcome is quite different than I first planned but that's okay.

Tried to do a sketch of a specific character and failed at it, so I turned that drawing into a random girl! I think she's cute

Woke up to this tweet from Angry Joe and it already made my day worse.

The idea that a sequel in any franchise should take precious time away from continuing to build the universe, and instead use it to explain the universe to newcomers who had every opportunity to experience the first entry, is absolutely ridiculous to me.

This kind of logic is especially dangerous to games, which it seems like people beg to take seriously without letting them actually become serious narrative platforms.

Oh no... They gave me a 500 character limit. Bad move, Mastodon.

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