Not sure, I guess this could be classified as mild bodyhorror? 

Thanks for sharing! You have to check out @saint11 … lots and lots of nice mini-tutorials similar to these – maybe you already know. 😃👍

Me: »I’d say I’m a pessimistic person, well realistic at best.« 🤔

Also me: I keep single socks in a drawer, in hope their missing counterpart will turn up eventually. And, like, it’s only been 12 months. It’ll turn up eventually, I … I just know it. 😶


Wow – beware not to snap off any fingers in the vastness of the universe. This track is super chilled and gets sharp like a sliver of ice. ❄️

Inspiring album in general! 😌

@LongTaleAnimation Very thought through concept – fits the game’s design perfectly! 👌😃

Or instead listen to My Weakness by , the perfect song, playing at this particular scene.

Every time this track randomly pops up in my playlist I get sad goosebumps.

If you’ve ever watched with Scully and Mulder and you came to along episode 11 (titled Closure) of season 7 … don’t tell me you didn’t cry.

Because I did. Haha oh boy, I actually cried terribly.
It kinda hit me right in the big ol’ bloodpump. But don’t just watch it now, because it won’t have the impact – it relies on the previous built up over the seasons. Start this classic series from the beginning.

@monarobot Oh wait, it says it there right in your shop – awesome! 😊

@monarobot I might be wrong but that first design looks a lot like an alien queen – nice style! 😃

Errr … inspired, I totally meant get inspired! 😅

Oh wow. So many 𝒷𝑒𝒶𝓊𝓉𝒾𝒻𝓊𝓁 new creative people! 🤩

That’s one more reason to spend more time browsing Mastodon and procrastinate. 😌

@JPEG A Golden Kitty award that's not golden? Seems a little fishy to me.

There there, I fixed it for you. 😂


@sajan Oooh those are super cute, love the colours and the radiating retro feeling! ☺️ @mary Oh, I didn't read that when I wrote my comment. 😅
But that's exactly what came into my head first.

You could put a gradient over the grid so that new services don't always have to be added. You would only use the already existing platforms … If someone provides me with a list of platforms and their logos/icons I could try something. 😊
Maybe a kind of cover flow or tile view for starts?

And if anybody has an creative idea, but doesn't know how to execute it: feel free to message me, I'm willing to help! 😉

Btw is there a sign/symbol/logo for switching social or is it the text only?

@greg Those are some beautiful shots! Love the fungus as well. ☺️

@noiob It’s not just the Firefox logo that got a rebrand. There’s a whole logo system and a lot of thought went into the design process. :firefox:

I love the the result btw. 😁

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