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Mous ( art)

A neat friend had a birthday recently, so I drew them a magical snail.

A little doodle done because I woke up Too Damn Early this morning.

Dot, they/them, identifies as: fuckin tired

Tiny, crummy doodle of my stardew valley character!

Ancient Magus. I've been wanting to draw Elias for a long time now!!

Drawing of a spider girl Show more

An icon done for a friend earlier this summer! Get a load of that cute, queer hedgehog.

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There are now just over 3,000 users on the instance. If just 1/3rd of us donated $1 a month it would make a huge difference in hosting support. Right now there are only 16. Let's do this!

Been busy with comic work, but here's something I'm proud of from a few months ago!

Quick self-portrait and my current avatar!