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Hello! I'm Mou, a humble hobby artist from Australia! I enjoy drawing my original characters and sometimes dabble in fanart.

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Next year I'm going to go back to buying comms and supporting artists like I used to. I might even go to conventions again! I miss artists alley 💕
This year has just been... Hard.

so close to finishing a comm but my head and neck hurt real bad and i feel so very unwell,,,

I've been taking it easy today, my first real day off in a long time! Tomorrow will be back in action and I hope to finish up a couple of comms 💪

Now that I spoiled the surprise already I can share this wip I've been working on for a couple weeks in any spare time I could find
it's kinda rushed trying to fit it in between everything else but I want to get this finished and posted so it will arrive by Xmas 😔

I'd forgotten what it was like to draw on the surface that I'm looking at (IE paper, tablet screen etc)
It's so different with so much more control.. I need to invest in one of those fancy tablets with a screen! Any recommendations?
Won't be til after my Japan trip...

This is taking me so long
And not just cause I'm at work while doing it
But cause working on my phone is

Don't let anyone make you feel bad for unfollowing them.
This is your space and you have every right to unfollow someone.
But if the anxiety is too much, there is another option, so don't fret!
You can mute them; they won't show up on your TL and they will never know.

Nothing to do at work so my boss is fine with me sitting here with the frozen 2 OST on repeat singing along while doodling a magical girl on my phone

I have to go to work
I have to go to work
I have to go to work
I have to go to work

im second guessing everything i say and do and
it's making buying christmas presents v hard cause
what if they dont like it

Another question.
Looking at different sites that handle the production for you.
Which do you recommend as a seller?

What do you look for in prints? Full illustrations with backgrounds? Simple designs that speak to you? Depends?

I keep looking into how much it would cost to send commissioners a physical print of their commission,
Most of my clients are international, and international postage is expensive, like the cheapest I've found for something that can safely transport a print is $25 to the US.

You will never stop me from spamming your TL with RTing Mia's art

I sometimes consider that I should keep this account to be art only, no RT etc. But then I'm also like you guys would never see me if I did that. At least this way you know I'm alive? 😂

when you've been procrastinating on lining the hair and finally have.. nothing else to line....
pray for me this is going to be hell

I'm drawing something for myself for the end of the year, I completed two commissions this week so I'm rewarding myself a little and starting a new tradition with !! I'm proud of this hand so I wanted to share it with you all ...

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