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Hello! I'm Mou, a humble hobby artist from Australia! I enjoy drawing my original characters and sometimes dabble in fanart.

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to my art trade pals!! I'm only going to be doing ones for those i receive now, I'm getting a little burnt out with them. If you've done one for me, or do one for me, I'll return the trade but otherwise I won't be doing them. Sorry!! I have to take care of myself a bit!!

its my love's birthday so drew our ocs in school au doin the boba meme lol 🥤

So my sketches are stupid messy but here's some cute lovebirds and a new demon design!
Alaska (left) belongs to and Dakota (right) is mine!
The demon is.... nameless.... but a super gay prince of hell

I finished this on my stream last night! Big thanks to everyone who stopped by!

I wanted to emulate the danganronpa sprite style for the first time and I think it turned out really well!

My deepest desire in life is for artists to get paid for their work.

LRT Please please please consider commissioning my baby girl!! You'll be helping her pay for her orthodontic treatment and surgery and also get SUPER CUTE EMOJIS!! (like my PFP!)
You can check her out here

gonna redo my intro since ive been gone a while and deleted everything, I'm zheida and i like to draw lots of fantasy ocs. im heavily influenced by 80s/90s anime and uhhh!!! i do a lot of world building but not sure how much of that i will post here hdf

Happy Weekend! What are you planning to do today? :) Here's another calendar piece from last year.

doodle of My adopted son Zair (he is my friends oc and I LOVE HIM DFJKSNK)..i failed drawing him but ; o ;

So many WIPs

My OC Axel (right) and hastylion@twitter's OC Jess (Left)

Sensitive for underwear and I guess suggestive poses?

Got an OK to post this. This is a piece I did a while ago for @/GameOnAnthology zine on twitter!

Kick starter➡

✨ Ko-fi sketch commission for Niavicia on Twitter of her gorgeous DnD OC, Ophelia ✨

It doesn't look like a sketch anymore tho ;w;

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