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Heyo, i just managed to crawl my way onto here, with a little help.
(it was an inside job)

so, i gues?

I'm Mo, or Mort i draw stuff and think about monsters a lot.
i've been drawing for a few years, mostly self taught, through sheer stubbornness.
Tumblr refugee, twitter noob.

I live in norway, abouts in the middle. i do historical reenactment and play a lot of DnD and boardgames.

Apollo in his proper alien form
He might look scary, but he's the softest rank of beb in the hive. takes care of grubs and eggs, that's why his middle pair of legs are armlike so he can carry the lil fatsoes more easily c:::

art trade with Monarobot on twitter!
their sweet bean goblinsona Blin!

I got to make them a million times more toothy and spiky XD

gore warning

this was right before i swapped from Sai to Clip studio, one of the last things i remember drawing and it feels so weird.

My oc shaun, who is a monstrous thing. eating some dubious remains in an alleyway c:


He's my drunken sweet bean, riding around in a shopping cart full of booze.

Here's a secret satan i was apart of this holiday, character belonging to xOlivepits on DA.

i took a lil break offa online to be with the family during crimmas but im home now, luckily.

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