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Heyo, i just managed to crawl my way onto here, with a little help.
(it was an inside job)

so, i gues?

I'm Mo, or Mort i draw stuff and think about monsters a lot.
i've been drawing for a few years, mostly self taught, through sheer stubbornness.
Tumblr refugee, twitter noob.

I live in norway, abouts in the middle. i do historical reenactment and play a lot of DnD and boardgames.


He's my drunken sweet bean, riding around in a shopping cart full of booze.

Here's a secret satan i was apart of this holiday, character belonging to xOlivepits on DA.

i took a lil break offa online to be with the family during crimmas but im home now, luckily.

More pacificrim Fanart!
this time it Meathead he was one of the unused kaiju model concepts.
look at his smile he's such a good boy!

This one was voted up on my patreon from a sketch-dump vote

It's an alien, or as I've been calling it the aliem cause I misspelled the name on the file XD

This is Grun, he's a merman and i have a lot of art of him because he is beautiful.

he's also a joy to draw <3

More on Blair.
he started out as a human and slowly turning into a monster, but there is no turning back.

this is my sweet soft Blair, he's growing into his spikes and he's kinda salty.

Hotline miami 2 stuff!
I sometimes get really into a videogame and have to take a break from playing to do something else.
so i draw.

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