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✨When the night sky is bright, it's the moment when one can see the èlaïss' way. An ancient structure that defile the Sky, which they were punished for.
✨Well, here's another for my science-fantasy campaign/original universe ! :D

✨Sleeper's way, a fluvial, and relatively safe, means to cross the island.
✨And here's another place background for my campaign ! The adventurers left the city behind them, ready to suffer a long, long, travel.

✨For a long time I wished to draw the whole Sombrenuit family, or at least the actual survivors in 2E587. And I finally found the energy to do so ! :D
They're not much now, war and sorrow took them a lot... But they stand still nonetheless :v

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hi! i'm a concept/vis dev artist in the games industry. lover of creature and weapon design. resume includes WoW, dauntless, injustice 2, and others. nice to meet you. 👋

Don’t mess with an angry sorcerer :P

Little quick illustration of my main ESO character, Rolf Sombrenuit, while I was waiting to enter in Cyrodiil~

With the arrival of the ESO’s dlc “Wolfhunter” this summer I wished to draw some werewolf tf. So here are some comic pages about my dear Rolf :D

A little animation I did for school in order to test After Effect~ So, I took the opportunity to draw my favorites spaces elves, my elaïtheeans <3

Had to reduce the quality in order to post it but meh, it’s still cool I guess ? :v

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Made a ref sheet for Daerad real quick !! I love my son. Hopefully I get around to making some more for my other characters.

Marked as sensitive since he's not wearing clothing in one (it is censored, but just in case I marked it anyway).

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