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Hey ! I'm Morniae, a french artist studying comics in Belgium :D
Thanks to some art friends I've found this social media which look really cool, so I'm giving it a try :v

Here's my chilling fursona to go along with this post~

Here's Cloelia, a half-orc healer with complicated family drama. Some inheritance trouble and rejection for what she is... But everything is gonna be fine, last session she encoutered a barbarian that could be usefull to ""negociate""⚔️

✨Some sketches of Rolf's outfit from when he was younger and still studying magic at the Arcane University. At this time he was borrowing far too many books from the library :,D

✨When the night sky is bright, it's the moment when one can see the èlaïss' way. An ancient structure that defile the Sky, which they were punished for.
✨Well, here's another for my science-fantasy campaign/original universe ! :D

✨Sleeper's way, a fluvial, and relatively safe, means to cross the island.
✨And here's another place background for my campaign ! The adventurers left the city behind them, ready to suffer a long, long, travel.

✨For a long time I wished to draw the whole Sombrenuit family, or at least the actual survivors in 2E587. And I finally found the energy to do so ! :D
They're not much now, war and sorrow took them a lot... But they stand still nonetheless :v

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hi! i'm a concept/vis dev artist in the games industry. lover of creature and weapon design. resume includes WoW, dauntless, injustice 2, and others. nice to meet you. 👋

Don’t mess with an angry sorcerer :P

Little quick illustration of my main ESO character, Rolf Sombrenuit, while I was waiting to enter in Cyrodiil~

With the arrival of the ESO’s dlc “Wolfhunter” this summer I wished to draw some werewolf tf. So here are some comic pages about my dear Rolf :D

A little animation I did for school in order to test After Effect~ So, I took the opportunity to draw my favorites spaces elves, my elaïtheeans <3

Had to reduce the quality in order to post it but meh, it’s still cool I guess ? :v

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Made a ref sheet for Daerad real quick !! I love my son. Hopefully I get around to making some more for my other characters.

Marked as sensitive since he's not wearing clothing in one (it is censored, but just in case I marked it anyway).

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