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✨Hey ! I'm Morniae, a french comic artist and illustrator passionate about elves and science-fantasy stuff :D
✨Portfolio :
✨Instagram :
✨Open the thread to find more about my commissions and projects <3

✨Yet another piece for my tabletop rpg settings. A ruined building amongst the swamps, hiding secrets and antediluvian machines.

✨Some cozy time between Operator and... well Operator's mind in Titania. Kind of a self hug eh ? :v

A little warm-up about before getting to work :3
Have you drawn your own NMS character ? Show me ! :D

✨Still doing some illustrations of various folks and creatures for my own tabletop RPG settings. Here's some peoples from the Misty'Island indigenous clan. Elves living among antediluvian ruins :3

✨I'm still open for commission if you would like an illustration like this ! :D
You can find every needed information for my commissions by following this link :

✨Lately I'm replaying a lot to . And as always when I'm back to a world I like, I can't help myself but doodle my character :D So here's my dear Runhild :3
✨Any fellow monster hunter there ? Do you draw them too ? /o/

✨Such a long and crazy art year ! u.u
Even if it was hard, I finally managed to achieve my comic studies and start a new life as a freelancer.
Can't wait to see how much I will improve in 2020 *^*
✨Any favorite month ? :D

✨Hey ! Here's a commission for guildmates of mine in :D (thank you <3)

✨If you're interrested in this kind of illustration, or a simpler shot of your character. Check my commissions info right there :

✨Characters belong to their respective owners.

Little illustration for @DameChad's birthday :D
Her cool kobold from our trpg campaign <3

✨Another illustration for my tabletop rpg campaign ! In this one they're wandering through antiques ruins, trying to avoid their guardians and loot the place. But will they ever get a chance to get out of here ?.. >:3
✨Feat @Erisdar_Art @_Cobalt_AD and @dame_chad characters❤️

2019 edition ! :D (the last one was from early 2017 urgh ^^' )

And there it is, finally the end of this year's . Enjoy days 28, 29,30 and 31 ! Feel free to scroll up and tell me what's your favorite and why <3
✨28, losing what they love
✨29, in ten years
✨30, alternate future
✨31, life changing moment

Almost the end of this with days 25, 26 and 27 :D
✨25, drunk
✨26, showing off baking skills
✨27, bathing

Oups, totally forgot to post the next 's batch ^^' Anyway, here are day 22, 23 and 24 ! :D
✨22, injured
✨23, Anxiety
✨24, Losing at game

Back with day 18, 19, 20 and 21 :D
✨18, playing an instrument
✨19, doing something he enjoy
✨20, his mentor
✨21, hobby
Almost the end arghhhh D:

And here's day 14, 15, 16 and 17 :D
✨14, attempt at seduction
✨15, playing a sport
✨16, doing what they do best (aka working on AI)
✨17, Dealing with conflict
Any favorite ? :3

Here's day 11, 12 and 13 :D
✨11, as an elven of the mist (an elven specie in my world)
✨12, "fighting" style
✨13, love life

✨Hey ! I'm opening commissions ! You can find every needed information by following this link :
✨If you want to see more of my work, you can find my portfolio in my bio or see my gallery. Feel free to dm me if you got any questions :D
Shares apreciated <3

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Not dead yet ! Here's day 8, 9 and 10 o/
✨8, his living space.
✨9, something very important to him🐰
✨10, in something he wouldn't usually wear

day 7. Worst/best memory.
Cianelas flee from his toxic traditionnalist family, a hard but necessary moment.
Also maybe my last inktober, I just broke my non-drawing arm and it's becoming difficult to draw without it. I'll try anyway but meh, we'll see if that works ^^'

✨Hey ! I'm Morniae, a french comic artist and illustrator passionate about elves and science-fantasy stuff :D
✨Portfolio :
✨Instagram :
✨Open the thread to find more about my commissions and projects <3

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