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Hi there! *Ahem*

Well I'm Dan, I'm a professional animator in the game industry that likes to pretend he can paint. I'm usually an introver stalker with a taste for random calls.

My subject of predilection is dark fantasy or modern fantasy, executed in a realistic-ish style. I have various story setting from where comes most of my characters.

I'm unknown on the web as MoonstruckEye. Everywhere. Period.

Enough? Good.

*throws in a handful of tags and artworks*

This is my first use of Clip Studio Paint. I must admit that I totally fell in love with the program, even though the transition wasn't easy (old habits die hard) But it was totally worth it.

This is my OC Rose, reimagined as a DnD character. She would totally be a tiefling warlock type of person.

My second watercolor ever. This was made as a gift for a friend for all the art she did of our characters. This is my character Ambrose the Tremere with his test subject Sonja.

My first watercolor ever. This turned out better than I expected. This is an interesting and capricious medium.

Character is Rose

day 31 - Slice

Aaaaand I'm done! Inktober was a really interesting experience. I'm happy with some of my inklings. Now let's see if that daily art will keep the wheel going.

Thanks to everyone who keep sharing my toots. It's really appreciated.

day 27 - thunder
As much as I like historical martial arts, sometime it is fub to design unpractical fantasy weapons

day 26 - Stretch

one of my Maxime the artist stetching after a few hours working the canvas. It's important to take breaks, guys :D and take care of your back!

day 25 - prickly

I'm contemplatin the idea of making an artork with an hybrid Emilie doing bioluminescence. On an unrelated note, she might also become a dancer, for the sake of drawing awesome poses.

day 24 and still counting! The theme was chop, so I made an earth Elemental chopping apparitus.

day 23 - Muddy

Another member of our coterie. A ex Sureté du Québec agent ready to lay siege ton the remains of Montreal's Sabbat, unknowing of what the mount Royal holds.

day 22 - Expensive

Again a character from our vampire the masquerade game. A Nosferatu who was an actor in life, and mask his unbearable appearance behind an italian carnival attire.

21 - Drain
A scene from our Vampire game where "_R04CH_" our Tremere hacker was trying to get into a Laval hospital network while sucking on a platelet bag like the good bagger she is.

day 19 -Scorched

I imagined a fire sword with the prompt, plus it had been ages since I did weapon design.

day 16 - Angular

This brings me back to high school when I kept designing armors and monsters for my dnd games. Yeah, I'm a die hard geek.

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