I got the job!

I'm going to work for a company that makes realistic prosthetic hands, feet, ears, noses, etc. I'll finish and paint the pieces to match the skin of the patient. I start training on Friday, and I'm very excited!

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Unemployed since 8 March, need groceries. Free USA shipping on these #maille #Pride moebius bracelets. I have two 6 inch #rainbow swirly, one 6 inch solid rainbow, one 6.5 inch solid rainbow, and two 6.5 inch bi pride. Sorry, I can't lengthen them or change the clasp, my rings and findings are in storage. They're $20 each to paypal.me/tarlmanjoppos or cash.app/$tarlimanjoppos #lgbtqa #Chainmail #chainmaille #jewelry #art #mastoart Please Boost

Hands, derived from a photo by Eine Lizenz Kaufen.

I did this skin tone study for a job interview!

WIP! This is my friend's goblin character, Scribbles. I just erased the pencil lines and I'm pretty pleased with him so far. Going to watercolor him later.

Box the anxiety up and put it in perspective (or: this is the most helpful way I've found to manage my short-term anxiety if I can keep it in the damn box)

Walking on stilts is getting less scary every time I do it. This week, after 2 weeks off stilts, I managed to walk backwards, do some simple dance moves, and I juggled clubs with @Avalon!

Feels good

@RussSharek @naugeleh

Hi folks! I've been poking around here for a week or so and figured I'd make things official. I'm a who is gearing up for adventures and shenanigans with my new-found kith. Other interests include: and .

I'm a neophyte to the fediverse, so any advice/help/patience is greatly appreciated!

Life is exciting right now! Trying to fit all the pieces together, and masto is an important one.

Acrylic painting from 2018

Coyote, trickster energy, life and death. I really enjoyed building up that fur texture!

Anyone have name suggestions for this piece?

Hello! I'm Mo.

I'm a life-long artist who got burnt out in graphic design school. I'm finding my creative footing again with painting and sculpture, and I'm always looking for inspiration.

I am also a clown in training! I work and learn with @RussSharek in the classical art of European silliness. Along the way I've picked up juggling and ukulele. I'm looking forward to learning to walk on stilts and ride a unicycle this year!

I'm on Mastadon because facebook is the worst. : )


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