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i've done like 20 of these theyre just not cleaned up

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watercolor and gouache painting that was a lighting study for a future piece. Recorded the process for this one, too, if that’s a thing you like, that you can watch here!

Taeyong confirmed in season 3 of The Hollow guys the show was Not cancelled

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was sketching a pic and suddenly realized that the style i used looked an awful lot like The Hollow's so i just rolled with it :V

I've been stuck on a painting for months, and being very frustated about it I decided to just do a quick one

Done in 4h30 with oil painting

btw if u look at the replies and go "oh but there r already so many suggestions!!" pls don't let that stop u from suggesting!! if i vibe with it, I vibe with it 😌🙏

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kinda wanna do this 👉👈
spare suggestions?? feel free to boost for more reach!!

Hi! With @lokenstein we're looking to commission artists for:

1. the banner of our instance, something like a close-up view of a desk with books, comics and an open laptop.

2. our mascot (shown under the "Compose toot" box). We're picturing an anthormorphed raccoon with overalls and gardening equipment and maybe some reference to sending messages, to be discussed in more details.

Ideally we'd like this done in two weeks.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to tell us, here or in DM!

my sketching portraits process is like *puts extra care into main facial features* "oh and i guess he's got ears or whatever"

like i was so sure I would only ever reach the tenor range and. man. I'm baritone. this is Hozier and Dave Gahan territory bro.

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the pleasant discovery that me, a trans man, can actually have my voice drop so low that I am now a baritone, means that I can actually give Dave Gahan voice headcanons to SO MANY MORE transmasc OCs

The differences when I'm smiling vs when I'm 😐 r just Sending me

my dad framed some of my older drawings bc he rly liked them... help thats so cute...

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