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Hi, I'm Mar del Valle, a queer nonbinary illustrator from Spain! (she/they) 🌈 I love to draw powerful women and queer characters, often with a dark, occult, mythological touch. I also have a soft spot for paganism, witchcraft, vampires, angels, demons and fae.

I'm new on Mastodon, and I'm so happy to be here! 💖

✨Shops and more:

Commission I did for Emma Love of a character from their book 'The Chronicles: Dark Horizons'

hand-drawing the shirt pattern: ok
hand-drawing the Fanta logo on the can: i sleep

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me: (finishes flat vector drawing)


me: (opens in krita and layers 56178 filters)

fishes day!

i do have several fishes and somewhat-fishes in the shop :)

not pictured
- red fish hat
- anarchist shark

RT ? :)

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