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im tryna not sweat it if i make a timelapse n mess up smth bc im like "oh no everyone is going to see my mistakes" but come to think of it, as a Massive Speedpaintings Consumer, i like it when u can see artists start over their drawings, experiment w/different options or change the direction they were going for entirely, etc.

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ive been enjoying the timelapse feature bc when I turn it on I go "o shit cant fool around no more" its good for my focus lmao

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(i have refs for these btw, don't go thinking I can pull stuff like that just outta my head)

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hello, bandcamp friday april 2nd new stuff goodbye~

after all, why not. why shouldn't i draw a study of that one picture everyone and their mom has saved on their Pinterest account AND turn it into my OC.

un pun niche et nul en français avec mes persos psk g regardé LOTR en VF

[CW smoking]

*studies pictures of Dave Gahan and barely has to change anything to turn them into his OCs bc He Is The Blueprint*

i have vintage dresses and thierry mugler couture on the brain , dont send help

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