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@Mirima RT if the boy on the right is as beautiful as the one on the left

Breaking out the acrylics to paint a sketchbook cover! There's a really pretty 'sketchbook' I've been mooning over for ages with a Klimt artwork cover but I know the paper isn't really suited to my purposes. So I decided to have a go at making my own Klimt-inspired one instead. As ever, gold paint really doesn't scan well but be assured: it is VERY shiny.

@Mirima just hot pants that say "nothing is honored here"

(as always, you may find my references in various boards @ florence_carlus on Pinterest!)

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Starting a new thread of studies since the previous one was getting too long! Anyway. Back muscles.

i think if I make more studies I'm gonna break this thread and start a new one bc it's getting REALLY long lmao

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