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can I make a career out of only drawing hands please say yes

*sighs* this all started bc i stared at Orville Peck's hands a bit too much

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i looked at digital paintings in the face and told them "i am not very good but by god I won't quit!!" and I think thats so smart and inspiring anyway gonna do 2837288 more studies brb

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Please boost, abuse mention. 

Please help my friend escape her abusive parents. Please consider donating to help her pay for necessary costs of living that will arise after she leaves:

And please, please boost.

anyway painting shit without worrying abt rendering every bit perfectly is ✨relaxing✨

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will I ever stop adding black nailpolish to each and every of my characters
bitch no

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Fake screenshots of an old story! I've been writing all my stories down in a new system and got a little excited about this one again. I didn't spend much time on any of these so the drawings are super rough, but I got the feelings I wanted down 💫
The lyric is from a song I was listening to while drawing the first one 😂

Did a Castle In The Sky redraw for fun with my OC Phil (Sheeta) and @sempervirart 's OC Tiff (Pazu) and i want to cry bc i love these kids so much,,,,

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