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me: I'm gonna get a healthier sleep schedule!!
my body: I refuse to fall asleep
me: rly

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HEY GUYS!! what are y'all embarrassing ocs from when u were a kid ???

here's mine from when i was 9 yrs old his name is cc (cotton candy) who started off as an obnoxious neon blue cat w zero brain cells (still tru). also he's super op n immortal for some reason?????

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Hello there! im new here and i still dont know how it works! :^D :100_gay:

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:coffee_mug: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN my dudes!!

Prices are listed below; I'm willing to do/attempt many things, such as:

:18only: NSFW art!
❤️ 🧡 💛 Couples of 2 or more! (Prices will vary!)
:tentaluv: Humanoids and Monsters

And more than I can list here! If you're interested but can't afford what is listed, or if you have questions, please DM me and we can talk! 💓

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Well that was fun, tried something new for this series

4/6 : The Punitive Parent

CW physical anorexia + little gore + nudity (SFW)

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Doodled my wife getting oc hugs bc!!! She deserves love!!!

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smth quick that i did a little while ago. might post more later!

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Hey, I didn't do my !
Almost forgot it !

Here it is !
People that have strongly inspired me the last few months :
People that will probably take place aside of them on the next few months :

New adorable peeps :
@Abirdeer (oh my gosh your art !)

People that I loved the art from since a while :

And many other forgotten for this friday sorryy :( ❤️

have I mentioned that I don't own a Switch, haven't even played the game, and don't know shit about what the story's about but just think Claude is really pretty and that it's a shame that he's not canon bi?

I can cope by making both this FE3H OC *and* an FE3H sona 😎👌

my brain: so, what about this FE3H OC that you wanna do?
me: aw man, I don't really know
my brain: it's fine, take your time to think about it
my brain:... wait I don't like that look-
me: what if...
my brain: *breathes in* dON'T MAKE ANOTHER SONA, DUDE
me: oh shoot >:(

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My lovely girls! These are sticker designs that I am still in the process of getting created. There have been a few bumps in the road but hopefully soon! ❤

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back-to-back commission i did for @/lucyier on deviantArt!

this one is one of my most recent 😎

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Quelques dessins encore sur mon ordi...

Ça a été fait il y a trèèès longtemps avec artrage comme logiciel

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So far really loving this site ❤️ lll try to make my captions here more expounded ^^
here's a quick piece i made of sailor moon's iconic transformation~ anyone else a fan of the genre? Let me know your fave mahou shoujos ✨

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Updated character design for @dogbite !! This is her sleepy koi boi Pisces! He co-owns a nightclub with his husband Scorpio. He has the power to manipulate dreams, so he can often be found dozing off

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