@darckcrystale oh OK ! well it'll all depend on what you'll need at that time
for example, I did a ref sheet (a fullbody + 4 quick expressions; quick here stands for "I copy-pasted the fullbody's head and only changed the features that needed to be changed, I didn't draw the expressions from scratch") for 100 bucks (and I already had the design for that one)

@darckcrystale tbh it all depends on what u want?? (if u want a fullbody, if u want it colored or not, if u want additional expressions, if the design is already done or if I gotta work on it myself, etc!)

sometimes... sticking to ur comfort zone and indulging is Good when ur confidence in ur work is low...

me: oh no it seems that i am facing some kind of art-block
my brain: time to I N D U L G E

when in doubt: draw a self-indulgent OC and throw random colored shapes in the mix
the outfit on the right is part of Alfazairy's Yaqout/Ruby Fall 2017 Haute Couture Collection :)

re: OCs talks 

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Nouveau bonnet sur la boutique !

Un bonnet que j'ai appelé "bonnet prairie"

J'aime vraiment les couleurs de celui-là, j'espère qu'il trouvera preneur.


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rambling abt Outfit August 

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Okay since @Mirima asked, here's my back up list.

Might make it a real prompt list pic if I get enough motivation tomorrow. Might get longer too.

- partner clothes
- dressed up by Partner
- pajamas
- how their parents wished they dressed / dressed by parents
- kigurumi
- phase/style they grew out of
- something they would never wear
- another era (they might like?)
- outfit of or based on characters from a film or tv show they like/would like (animation/anime counts, yes)
- ugly (christmas) fashion
- family dinner
- staying home and lazing around outfit
- sports (random or one they could practice)
- totally spies
- and/or magical girls
- borrowed clothes (bonus if they come from several people)
- wedding (as the ones getting married or guests, do what you want)
- formal but not too fancy?
- gardening / bricolage
- as their evil twin

@sempervirart lmao the ugly Christmas sweater is what I was gonna give Sven for the Holidays prompt bc since he usually doesn't go on vacations I went like "!!! Christmas holidays!!!" :'D
For sportswear I did give him a sport outfit, and it's very dumb sjslsjsjdjsk

@sempervirart u can find it in the replies under my "im indecisive" CW!!

@sempervirart oh 👀 I'll check the list to see the ones I don't feel like doing hoho

@sempervirart well I know what to draw when I'm not inspired by a prompt now :V

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rappel que je me lance dans les vêtements en crochet si vous avez pas vu hier !

j'ai déjà deux bonnets et je ferai des mitaines aujourd'hui


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In a shocking and completely unpredictable turn of events, the plan falls apart before it even begins

♛ Read today's update now! vaingloriouscomic.com/comic/ch

#webcomics #comics #vaincomic #hiveworks #update

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