@sempervirart hes like "wym, thats just how i dress ;)" n thats only half a lie

@sempervirart also thank u for ur cute comment abt the day where i'll finally get my fingers off my ass and do a small artbook-

@sempervirart no but he sooo would wear this on the reg! like no joke besides the cowboy and the harness ones where he'd b trying a lil too hard, the other fits r just things hed wear to go get groceries 😭

Iñigo can't judge him if they dress the same kinda way on the reg tho *insert blobthinksmart* but it would make em smile a little thats for sure :')

@sempervirart KSHSKSJ stoooop id love this sm but my creative juices r so dead rn i jus can't produce any finished illustration 😩

rappel que vous pouvez aller check mon etsy et / ou acheter directement peluches et point de croix ici par message privé (ça me rapporte plus de sous à moi la vente directe)

(des trucs personnalisés qui sont pas sur la boutique on peut en discuter aussi)


a few months ago i gave up on this pic study bc i couldn't get his likeness properly. i picked it up again this afternoon n so far it's going pretty nicely!!! progress has been made 😌🙏

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