re: OC talks (Sargentale, detective/thief AU) 

@sempervirart i thought that maybe we could make it less modern bc then the police has less technology™ and its less of a hassle to think abt heists and things like that lol but other than that it's kinda whatever, it could b in 2020 or in 1980 and I wouldn't rly mind, ya feel?

@SeventhMagpie if Santa Claus looks like this I declare that I have become a fervent christian, amen

going to make a career outta drawing dilf adjacent characters and only this, support me on patreon,

I love drawing with print in mind ✌️
I wanna get color riso prints made one day, but for now just black & white is fun!

re: OC talks (Sargentale, detective/thief AU) 

@sempervirart ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i tend to imagine these in more modern settings but idk thats just like, a default setting and we're free to mess with it entirely

@helatique omg I didn't even mean to draw a frog but u're so right. this random little guy is a frog now.

Can you tell I have no earthly clue how to cel shade shiny metal

I mean uh so this design's unlocked and there are still three weeks to go, link in my pinned post!

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