Miri's guide to charadesign: is the nose shaped like an arrow? it Should be shaped like an arrow.

Anyway smol announcement my computer is ✨fuckin dead✨ so I might post a lot more traditional sketches like this one!

i saw this on my dash this morning and I Feel Very Attacked

just jammin with dem lil posca pens in my sketchbook and figured I might as well post these doodles here instead of keeping them in my Insta storys

Lil doodle from my sketchbook \o/
I had a reference picture, you can find it on the blog blackfashion, on Tumblr :)

tbh, might as well post it here-

she still doesn't have a name woopsies (if u have suggestions, feel free to tell me!)

when in doubt: draw a self-indulgent OC and throw random colored shapes in the mix
the outfit on the right is part of Alfazairy's Yaqout/Ruby Fall 2017 Haute Couture Collection :)

the redhead below on the right is @sempervirart 's OC, Ulysses :) probs not his final design tho!

wish you'd stay

this messy thing is more on the personal and experimental side, forgive me for being sappy on main but I kinda needed to get it out of my system :')

throws a bunch of colors on a page and calls it a day
the dress on the left is based on a Ralph & Russo Couture Fall 2019 Collection and the one on the right is from Paolo Sebastian's "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" Fall 2019 Couture Collection :)

please accept this tiny dooble of my husband Omen
I gave him long hair and he's too powerful for me now

Guess it doesn't hurt to update y'all with some of my recent inked sketches :D
I don't post much here, but it's just bc these days I mostly draw crappy sketches, so I'm more active on Instagram (I post a LOT of these in my storys lmao) !

Listen, I tried making MB in a picrew charamaker and the only colour available for this haircut was a bright orange so my brain went like "teenager MB can colour his hair in various colours tbh that's ok" and THEN the only eyebrows that I liked had a piercing on them so I went like "teenager MB can get piercings, that's ok"
(also don't worry that's just a lollipop, not a cigarette 😔👌)

An attempt at designing Johnny and using my brushpen I ended up really liking!!
He's @sempervirart 's OC! ...and he got caught sneaking into someone's flat for Reasons.

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