a few months ago i gave up on this pic study bc i couldn't get his likeness properly. i picked it up again this afternoon n so far it's going pretty nicely!!! progress has been made 😌🙏

was sketching a pic and suddenly realized that the style i used looked an awful lot like The Hollow's so i just rolled with it :V

kinda wanna do this 👉👈
spare suggestions?? feel free to boost for more reach!!

my sketching portraits process is like *puts extra care into main facial features* "oh and i guess he's got ears or whatever"

The differences when I'm smiling vs when I'm 😐 r just Sending me

my dad framed some of my older drawings bc he rly liked them... help thats so cute...

smol doodle... i like it bc the brush i used makes the lines look so soft despite some sharp angles, it's v cute :]

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