results r in, I'm gay, kind, a bit stupid, sometimes swear a lot and am Tired
it's relaxing to draw fanart every once in a while

pls tell me who do I remind u of 👀🎨(u dont have to explain why it's ok)

CW bare torsos in one of the pictures!
Did some "album art" for my OCs' playlists on Spotify :'D it was fun!

2nd one is based on Andrea Galad's work:

gore, blood, nudity (bare torso) 

no i will never make clean painting studies why do u ask

based on Andrea Galad's work:

i think that's the best way to introduce u all to Gertie
She's a marine biology enthusiast and in canon I believe she'll be older and will work at an aquarium but for now these r the doodles I have 🤙
Based on this wonderful post >>

Did a Castle In The Sky redraw for fun with my OC Phil (Sheeta) and @sempervirart 's OC Tiff (Pazu) and i want to cry bc i love these kids so much,,,,

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