day 17!
Harry doesn't know how to sit properly. Harry does fingerguns and peace signs in pictures. Harry is bisexual.

i mean it works right (i basically erased the eyebrows and added the line suggesting cheekbones lmfao)

day 13!
Here's Anthony :) Perhaps you'll get a second Inktober piece today, I can't say for sure, but I'll try!

Art VS Artist (so yeah, there's a selfie 😔) 

hey @ whoever needs to hear this, no offense but like
you'll get there
with some sketches from 24th March 2018 that i redrew today :) I still have a long way to go, but seeing my improvement is heartwarming :tialove:

day 9!
Just a cool dad hanging out with his cool kid 😎
I like drawing in this more simple style from time to time, it's very relaxing :)

colored my FE3H sona :D! im just Hubert and Ferdinand's hidden son, I cannot change this

day 8!
It's not even 7pm and I'm already done with today's piece, can u believe ?? (i started inking it at like. 2 am, before going to sleep lmao)

this is how I be sleeping dreaming abt me and my friend's OCs

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