me: *posts beautiful painting that asked a lot of work*
me the day after: ight time to get back to cursed OC memes drawn in 10 minutes

Painting practice from reference w/ Ulysses (@sempervirart 's character)!
I barely ever paint but I'd like to get better at it since I rely a lot on my lines and lack an understanding of volumes, so this was a fun experiment! :)

Based on this pic by Nazif TopรงuoฤŸlu >>

OCs blabla 

I originally made the OG doodle + a "fixed" one by Basil and these, too, added 10 years to my lifespan

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sometimes i just don't know how to dress my OCs but there's just smth abt sleeveless turtlenecks that never disappoints, ya feel

OCs blabla 

sometimes i think abt soheil, golshan and arya(n) growing old together and being friends and i just

OCs blabla, injury/blood mention (shitpost) 

So @sempervirart is the funniest person alive and now I want this to be canon

(Link to the post --> )

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