i am once again reminding u that i did not drop out of the drawing course by showing u this assignment of simplifying a panda's shapes 🐼
he is just a litel marshmallow...

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Decided to do @/olivehide's DTIYS on Insta :] thats his character Lee and he is a half-fish tax accountant 🐟

the OG post: instagram.com/p/CLc7wfLFVaL/?i

hello and welcome to "i started a study but i'm once again too lazy to polish it" (timelapse below!)

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been putting nonsensical holographic colors on a canvas For Fun but now i'm too lazy to render things properly so have this sketch as it is <3 maybe i'll go back to it someday

Starting a new thread of studies since the previous one was getting too long! Anyway. Back muscles.

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