1st !
He was in a group of thieves on their way to steal magic crystals in a cave but he got stuck after a landslide and nobody came back for him :(
Eventually the crystals took over his body and mind, and now he's bound to protect the cave from other thieves.


Maybe this little pirate witch encountered the ice elemental from day 4's prompt during her adventures in the northern seas!


is it still a sword. or is it more of a whip. or perhaps it is both. you have four hours!

"of course you have blue hair and pronouns. and a sword."

@Mirima cool af sword, 10/10 would put it on my wall (statue from the art class insp much?)

@sempervirart thank you!!
not really, but drawing these statues has influenced the way i draw lately so like. a little bit but not really but a little bit!

@Mirima I would so pick them in a fighting game/put them in my team

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