1st !
He was in a group of thieves on their way to steal magic crystals in a cave but he got stuck after a landslide and nobody came back for him :(
Eventually the crystals took over his body and mind, and now he's bound to protect the cave from other thieves.

in which you can see the more ambitious sketch i made but dropped because i simply thought to myself "hm. nope." before deciding to draw a little guy version instead

including the little fairy doodle that started it all, let's say she's his daughter


Maybe this little pirate witch encountered the ice elemental from day 4's prompt during her adventures in the northern seas!

@ady_luimeme je mentirai si je disais que je n'y avais pas pensé aussi

@Mirima t'es comme moi, les blagues tu les aimes mentales :fingerguns:

@Mirima c'était mon prof de français en terminale qui nous l'avait faite et on n'a pas rigolé pour pas lui donner cette satisfaction-là

@Mirima I love these designs soooo much! The King? looks awesome and his daughter is delightful!

@fefe thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoy them :)

@Mirima SO COOL BRO, ur designs r so neat i love them sm!!!

@sempervirart OUI je t'ai fait un hommage pour ton idée murder on the dancefloor...............

@sempervirart je me suis dit "tu ne peux peut-être pas la dessiner mais le CLUBBING vivra à travers lui"

@Mirima j'osais pas demander si c'était le cas, je suis honoré :blobblush:

@Mirima i would very much want to see more of her and her cat's adventures

@sempervirart "enough. youre going in the folder of OCs I will maybe use one day in my life for little stories"

@Mirima the doodle of Ash getting held back by the collar is them right after seeing this as an new hoberboard that they really really have to get kulap pleaaaase 🥺

@Mirima j'ai été jalouse, et je me souviens de toutes mes jalousies, baby 😎

@kaerhon nonobstant je ne m'attribue pas tout le crédit car le jeu de mot venait de Hugo 😔🤙

@Mirima super cool

j'adore son regard, genre il va littéralement fumer quelqu'un hh

@ady_luimeme c'était le sentiment que je voulais communiquer, je suis content que ça soit visible krkrkr

@Mirima pretty cool little guy for a prompt u didn't like, love the boots with that skirt

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