:boost: Boosts appreciated! :boost:

Hi everyone! I still have a few of my Inktober drawings up for sale and figured I'd make a new toot :D
Prices range from 15€ for the tiniest ones to 50€ for the Big Purple Piece (everything else is below 50) + shipping, via PayPal (or bank transfer if you're in France, to your liking)!
If you'd like additional info, hit me up! I'll keep this toot updated if some of them are sold :happey:

:boost: Boosts welcome as well! :boost:

Updating this with what's left to buy! Thank you so much for the support :happey:

Noticed the pics were compressed on the toot with updated sales, so if u would like to see the drawings in better quality, please look at the pictures I uploaded in the original toot just above! These ones look nice :)


Boosting this as I will be sending the 1st batch of drawings most probably on Monday! If u want one, now is the time :happey:

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