BRO THESE LOOKS ARE SO GOOD AND COOL I WANNA STEAL THEM (ok i'd never have the confidence to wear the fur coat and harness one but u get me)

@Mirima Sargent artbook when

and i hope u're having fun with those then!

@sempervirart KSHSKSJ stoooop id love this sm but my creative juices r so dead rn i jus can't produce any finished illustration 😩

@Mirima well i'll be ready the day u'll make it!!!!!!

also the middle outfit of the right pic gives me "canon Sargent starting to get his shit together and he's supposed to go see Iñigo or Nieve and he knows Ale will also be there so, not-date outfit that looks like a date outfit"

@Mirima just thinking about the Looks of Judgement Iñigo and/or Nieve would give him when he arrives dressed like that and it makes me laugh

@sempervirart no but he sooo would wear this on the reg! like no joke besides the cowboy and the harness ones where he'd b trying a lil too hard, the other fits r just things hed wear to go get groceries 😭

Iñigo can't judge him if they dress the same kinda way on the reg tho *insert blobthinksmart* but it would make em smile a little thats for sure :')


@sempervirart also thank u for ur cute comment abt the day where i'll finally get my fingers off my ass and do a small artbook-

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