Doodling OCs as pkm team members :) anyway charles team aqua give me ur gender

charles gets the Actually Very Wearable outfits and seth gets the camp costumes that you Could wear in real life but not without looking like you are going to a cosplay convention

i have a newly found fondness for Walrein after seeing these screens from the anime
they're just :D

Team Rocket and Plasma! im learning English pkm names when I make their teams n some of them r so funny to me 😭


if u thought i was done with the pkm brain rot well u were wrong. behold! a 30 seconds timelapse of me struggling to design a Team Flare-inspired outfit for my boys.

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@Mirima PKMN brainrot is supreme (I'm right there with you). Also, these outfits look amazing!

@crowbasing once it's there it never really leaves ur brain :D (and thank u!! 💖)

@Mirima Seth is really one my favorit OC of ours I'm still happy when I see him in my tl

@Ymelia 😳 thank u sooo much he is incredibly self-indulgent so I'm very happy to see you like him!! :happey:

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