u, too, can doodle ur OC in various poses and decide to randomly put the sketches next to each other to make it look like u r an epic choreographer

@Mirima i know the fact that you put them all next to each other like it's a sequence enhances it but BRO THE FLOW OF THESE!!!!!!! they all exude so much movement it's so cool!!!

@Mirima gotta thank u too for the serotonin it gaves me as i 100% imagined Charles dancing on whatever melody my brain procuded when i first saw these

@sempervirart rly love the way i litteraly put them in a random order next to e/o but like apparently It Works

@Mirima is it really random? It works so well!! 😭​ (ça donne un peu envie de danser même)

@robin yes it is 😭 happy it makes u feel like dancing hehe!

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