found stills of a weird straight movie and doodled my OCs based on em, call it self-care

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ive been enjoying the timelapse feature bc when I turn it on I go "o shit cant fool around no more" its good for my focus lmao

im tryna not sweat it if i make a timelapse n mess up smth bc im like "oh no everyone is going to see my mistakes" but come to think of it, as a Massive Speedpaintings Consumer, i like it when u can see artists start over their drawings, experiment w/different options or change the direction they were going for entirely, etc.

i am basically on stage and yelling "LOOK AT HOW I STRUGGLE" in the mic

@Mirima it's not like you HAVE to post a timelapse just because you made one either (but yeah the trials and errors part of a speedpainting is fun)

@sempervirart ive literally just been slapping the same grayscale and the same gradient map on top for all of these, im a genius

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