@Mirima i called the police because this level of aesthetics is absolutely criminal

plus you lied: i don't see anything edible

@Mirima some fine fruits πŸ‘Œ
I wanna steal their outfits from the first pics, gimme. I really love the third one as well, it feels like they're having a Moment

@sempervirart hehe thank u :] drawing the clothes i wish i had 😩 or wish I could pull off *sweats*

@Mirima βœŠπŸ˜”
Oh and your color choices for the overall moods are v cool too

@Mirima i looove those character designs! and colors 😍

@Mirima the vibes Are immmAculAtes πŸ˜”

Also I would definitely weAr whAt they Are weAring on the first one xwvcbd

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