CW bare torso again

some dude on a couch idk the pic was neat (the pic studies i make r all from my pinterest boards lmao, so if u wanna check em the @ is florence_carlus!)

all this makes me think that these ppl who paused eps of YOI on badly drawn intervals or things like that were so fucking mean. try drawing a figure skater doing what he does n then WE'LL TALK SKSJKSK

yes i left the transformation tool in my screen bc i couldnt b bothered to take a new one <3

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@Mirima i told you about black swans bro!!!! i warned you dog!

@Mirima la police arrive me retirer ma carte de mèmeur

@Mirima and it shows!!! They're so good!! (I know I say that all.the time but it's true!!!) Also that outfit looks neat

@Mirima comfy (i thought it could be Mari at first on the preview, guess it's the vibe I associate with her) (the person on the right I mean)

@Mirima You… You are doing panty shots now Miri?

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@Nausicaa je suis heureux que mon vΓ©ritable message soit passΓ© Γ  travers mes dessins πŸ˜ŒπŸ™

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@Mirima the middle one πŸ‘Œ and your expressions as well

@Mirima That moment when this show up when I exactly currently have the exact same mood,,,

@Mirima YOI was well drawn, and I'm saying it as a skating fan. This kind of motion is very difficult to draw, and they did good job of that.

People who are always trying to find fault with everything need to get a life.

@Mirima woaaaaaah this is gorgeous! I love it all, their movements, their expressions, the costumes… it's so good 😍

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