CW bare torso

study of the sculpture Stone Age or Man Fighting A Serpent :]

CW bare torso again

some dude on a couch idk the pic was neat (the pic studies i make r all from my pinterest boards lmao, so if u wanna check em the @ is florence_carlus!)


Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode starts playing as I furiously draw more studies

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i'm gonna become so good at drawing moody young men in suits

*draws volleyball players like when i was watching haikyuu 5 years ago*

all this makes me think that these ppl who paused eps of YOI on badly drawn intervals or things like that were so fucking mean. try drawing a figure skater doing what he does n then WE'LL TALK SKSJKSK

the foreshortening in almost every damn pose. Hellish.

would like to thank photographers at the olympic games. thank u for providing ref material, Kings.

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@Mirima bro all those skating studies are so good!!!! Ur enthusiasm is fueling u

@Mirima like the expressions, the shapes, the movement is 💯
Hope u'll enjoy urself just as much then!!!

@Mirima and it shows!!! They're so good!! (I know I say that all.the time but it's true!!!) Also that outfit looks neat

@sempervirart aaah thank u 🥺💖 i appreciate it every time u say it!!

@Mirima YOI was well drawn, and I'm saying it as a skating fan. This kind of motion is very difficult to draw, and they did good job of that.

People who are always trying to find fault with everything need to get a life.

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