sometimes. drawing boring stuff just hits different!
i havent learnt anything newโ„ข๏ธ with the course (my art teacher from 2 years ago already taught me all that, god bless him) but it's a really nice revision! the exercises are short and the instructor doesn't put any pressure on u so the learning process is really enjoyable :) (the link to the free course is in the thread if u want to check it out)

every time he gives advice i'm like "so true, King" like rly in today's lesson he said "pay attention to the angle of the line" and i was like "YES THIS IS THE MOST VALUABLE TIP MY ART TEACHER EVER GAVE TO ME, U R SUCH AN INCREDIBLE TEACHER" ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Today's studies! There's nothing quite like a lesson about drawing circles and ellipses to make u feel like a fraud

Today's study + lesson abt shapes formed with straight lines :] u can use the funky 15 shapes i drew and make something out of it if u want, or even make ur own bc thats honestly a really funny exercise!

am honestly rly happy with the self discipline going on here, every day i watch a 20 minute lesson + 10 minute bonus exercise and do my part along the way n it's like. xtremely satisfying. my attention span is not giving up on me bc it's short, it's fun, there's no pressure n me thinks thats very cool

fr 30 to 40 minutes a day is my max. attention span like, near the end i can feel myself getting tired but it's the end of the lesson so i'm like "thats fine, i'm almost finished"

CW: a chameleon

today was about redrawing the chameleon from day 1!
it was honestly a lot of fun, it is not as "polished" and clean as the one i first made bc i wasn't rly in the mood to spend a lot of time on it, but i went a LOT faster than the 1st time and i didn't have to resize bits and pieces a hundred time! there's progress and i'm happy abt it :]

i'm following the next chapters of the course! (notifying that it is not free anymore, only chapter 1 is!)

๐Ÿด today's study (the "before drawing" that i will redraw at the end of the course to see if i have improved)

Today's 2 minutes gesture drawings + a redraw of that horse from the beginning of the chapter! There's improvement hehe :]

i havent dropped out of the drawing course but all of the latest lessons have been about drawing boxes in perspective and theory about light, shadows and rendering techniques so i have nothing to offer you but an unfinished shaded egg

i am once again reminding u that i did not drop out of the drawing course by showing u this assignment of simplifying a panda's shapes ๐Ÿผ
he is just a litel marshmallow...

@Mirima If you need more buns for pose reference, check out my Flickr. ^_^

@Mirima That could only be a good thing for everyone. ^_^

@Mirima especially love the bear, the spiral on the bottom cat and the little vase setting


It is good to be able to keep things in perspective...

Is the egg hard boiled?
Shipping it could be problematic, otherwise.

@Mirima Now this gives me flashbacks to art school.

@Mirima juste avant ce post j'ai vu une photo avec des vaches dessus

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