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I need help settling on a color palette, which one do you prefer? Poll below!

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am gonna stay glued to my screen for 2 days til the poll ends i'm telling u

Thank you to the 213 people who voted! I will now completely disregard the results

Please rest assured that I still appreciate your input and find it interesting to see what people think about each color palette πŸ˜ŒπŸ™

The 42% of people that voted for the 2nd palette will be happy to read that i will use almost the same palette for another outfit because after all, it IS a nice palette

@Mirima you cAn't Ask me to chose between teAl And ~red~

@Mirima then the two becAuse for my own tAstes there should be A litttle more contrAst in the first to be perfect

@Nat u kno what to do then 😎 *showcases my poll like Will Smith Meme*

@sempervirenx 2 is winning by a few percents at the moment but 3 could very well surpass it and 1 is not very far behind either so It's A Tie, who will win the people's heart, i cannot wait to find out-

@Mirima @sempervirenx I mean, they’re all very good so it’s a tough choice πŸ˜”β€‹

@Mirima 2 jours mAis ptn, je pourAis pAs je deviennnes fou

how cAn you sleeep with A polll stilll going

@Nat no i'm probably gonna work on smth else then forget abt the poll and THEN suddenly remember it

@Mirima Woa that was hard to choose.
I voted 2, because on 1 and 3 some details of the jewellry are lost due to the dark color. I know it's a sketch and it should be fixable with lighting and such in a finished drawing, but I had to find a way to choose :p

@Miari ah thank u for picking one!! and do not worry, it is important after all for a design to be read well and easily!

@Mirima i did but only after i found your poll linked in the replies! it wasn't showing up for me either, oddly enough.

@t54r4n1 oh thats weird >:0 i mean it's cool that u could still vote but it's weird that it's not showing up for some people :[

@Mirima Which one do you think you’ll end up using for that outfit? The first one?

@Sylvhem yes i'll use the 1st palette! perhaps i will tweak it a little bit but it will essentially remain the same :)

@Mirima \o/
I voted 2 because I love blue too much, but I think 1 is my favorite ^^.

@Mirima w00t! My choice prevails. ^_^ (Not an easy choice, I admit - "1" just felt more cozy somehow)

@sempervirart No I think it'll still be for Hector, i'll try to see what it looks like for his custom Gremory outfit!

@Mirima oh right, I completely forgot that u didn't have to.align the two

@sempervirart i would've preferred to align them because it would've been way easier if i just kept it similar for every outfit, but i didn't really like my combinations with the warm palette for the Gremory outfit, it just didn't work out lmao

@Mirima I like them all but I voted 3 because it was the only one with a sharp black and I love how it pop.

@Sapphaos no i am going to pick the least popular result 😎 i dont really know why but it just looks better in situ than the other two options! (at least to me)
tho i'll probs try to tweak it a little bit but it'll essentially be the same

@Mirima I should have noticed those two little red horns on your head.

@Mirima Sometimes you need that input from other people to be sure about which one you really want to choose! πŸ˜‚

@tatterberry yeah in a sense i think this poll actually helped me to settle on an option :'D

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