good gods this is so fucking funny to me my day is saved by the sole reason of Having Drawn This Thing

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@Mirima you did it!!!!

andy and his fluffy rug jfdlsjfdk his dad looks pretty too!!

@sempervirart I DID IT...
He's so funny i love him skdhdkdk 😭 and thank u!!! he is a Cute Dad

@Mirima please send him all my love too (and ulysses')
a Cute Dad for a cute son πŸ˜”

@sempervirart i will, he deserves all the love βœŠπŸ˜”
*cries* they r such a cute family i care them

@Mirima he does!!!! *sends love from the rest of the cryptid crew*
i care them too,,,, can't wait to learn more of them and how life is at home

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