i kno it's gonna b 4am but yesterday i randomly decided to design Pokemon Team outfits for my character and holy heck I wanna do this all my life now, I haven't had this much fun since a while!

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y'all seen this. I smile when I look at them bc I had so much FUN doing them oh my god. BRO I LOVE BEING AN ARTIST

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#LBoost litcherally the most fun I've had in weeks bro idk I was rly happy to work on this

@Mirima the fun you're having with these is definitely showing

@Mirima it's so SO good bro, i know your skills and yet i'm still bamboozled

@Mirima oh also: im big gay (at first i was gonna "esp for X outfit" but the more i look the less i can choose only one they're all too good i go "wait i LOVE that about this one and that about this one and that about this o-")

anyway your shapes, silhouettes and designs are Extremely good and distinguishable and satisfying to look at. (i really want the leg part of the aqua/arthur redesign outfit as leggings)

@sempervirart broooo ;-; πŸ’– im happey :happey:

ksjdksjsk tbh for the Team Aqua outfit I almost didn't change anything his outfit was just already WAY TOO GOOD??

@Mirima yeah but your changes are Great and very gay i love them πŸ‘Œ

@Mirima (what can i say i love some thighs and hips highligts)

@sempervirart i was like bro this is the game that gave us Wallace we're talking abt I Am Allowed To Make It Slightly Sluttier

@Mirima villains deserve to be as slutty as they want (+ it's Omen we're speaking of)

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