Some doodles I drew to practice inking!!
You might recognise the mermaid, it's a redraw of an older piece :)
1st character is an attempt at drawing @sempervirart 's OC!

it got a bit long 

@Mirima SO

you know what I think of your drawing of housebound prince already so i'm skipping it beside "he's still way too cute to be true".

i really love the second one and all the little details of the chara design, it's very pretty and very endearing!!!! it really makes me wanna know more about them!!

going straight (lol) for Peter just a bit because damn boy is still so fine 👌

and knight boy!!! sir!! how are u so pretty!!!!! that trademark jaw, damn
Love love love how you did the cheek idk why but there's something really aesthetically pleasing in those two lines to me. also the colorblock hair vs the "white" highlight? *chef's kiss* really like the detail of the white/light bit where the small strands superpose with the eyebrow and the rest of the hair around his chin

anyhow im very much gay and im just as much in love with your art and chara design

it got a bit long 

@sempervirart IM JUS AAAAH i love u i love u i love u
i litcherally cherish these replies so much and idk what to say besides thank u bc u keep me going not only with ur very kind comments but also with ur wonderful ideas and characters

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