There ye have it
Sir Joachim "Himbo" The Brave

i worked p dark bc my eyes were begging me to spare them so *gestures vaguely at canvas* take this as it is I ain't bothered

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u can just hear Joachim saying "Show thyself ye scoundrel!" while his friend is like "ah shit, here we go again"

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They have to cross a creepy forest n Cassian is unimpressed
meanwhile Joachim is like *presses X* discomfort

i have no scenario y'all i just keep drawing them in random settings thatse it

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bro no joke my fave part of this piece is the trees in the background lmfao

Show thread cassian: you're not scared, are you
joachim: ME? AFRAID? PERISH THE THOUGHT /looks around nervously

@InspectorCaracal Cassian: awww. u wanna hold hands? ;)
Joachim: *snorts and throws a lil punch in Cassian's shoulder* you're stupid
Narrator: Joachim really wanted to hold Cassian's hand

@sempervirart u're right he's not a baby but... this feels accurate... must protecc....

@darckcrystale Crystaaaale thank u so much ;; 💜 💜 💜

@kaerhon merci fiona tjs la meilleure lecture artistique ✊😔

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