Evan is just the only person with braincells in this house and it's not easy

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i found very early drawings of Evan and Dave I made and their dynamic has really always just been pissy gremlin/absolute himbo, huh

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OCs blabla 

i realized if u add blush to evan's cheeks on this meme u get a very accurate depiction of evan talking abt his crush on kam and dave being supportive but also teasing him bc he is... bastard

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@sempervirart I DONT EVEN KNOW this meme is just.. his essence.. it's like if he hears another dumb shit from Dave he's gonna snap...

@Mirima fdklkdlfd
how the heck is Dave still alive in the bunny and robbers AU then, poor Evan :blob_pensive:​

@sempervirart it's bc Dave and the sibs can b smart! ....but they're ALSO incredibly dumb

@Mirima oh yeah ofc, i meant more on "how did Evan not kill him/thrown him in a river for all the stupid shit he did/risks he took" not that he's not smart enough for the job!!!

re: OCs blabla 

@Mirima you can't just drop this like that!!! rude!!

re: OCs blabla 

@sempervirart u know Dave is a himbo bc he keeps on teasing Evan like "awww the little angel's in love!!" and even after Evan told him to shut the fuck up he said it again, which is not something someone smart would do,

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