another meme redraw with Evan being angry?? it's more likely than you think

Evan is just the only person with braincells in this house and it's not easy

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i found very early drawings of Evan and Dave I made and their dynamic has really always just been pissy gremlin/absolute himbo, huh

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OCs blabla 

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@sempervirart I DONT EVEN KNOW this meme is just.. his essence.. it's like if he hears another dumb shit from Dave he's gonna snap...

@Mirima fdklkdlfd
how the heck is Dave still alive in the bunny and robbers AU then, poor Evan :blob_pensive:

@sempervirart it's bc Dave and the sibs can b smart! ....but they're ALSO incredibly dumb

@Mirima oh yeah ofc, i meant more on "how did Evan not kill him/thrown him in a river for all the stupid shit he did/risks he took" not that he's not smart enough for the job!!!

@sempervirart now this is one of the biggest mysteries of their friendship

re: OCs blabla 

re: OCs blabla 

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