day 1!
I'm in the middle of some kind of artblock so idk if I'll manage to keep up the whole month, but whatever !! it's about having fun!!

day 4 :)
The weather was bad today and for some reason all I could think of were the long winter school days during which I had to take the train to go home, so boop, you get a sad Iwan in public transportations. He's probably listening to some emo shit :V

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day 5!
Woops, Selim's demon got sad and angry and started setting everything on fire. Poor thing needs to learn anger management!!

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day 8!
It's not even 7pm and I'm already done with today's piece, can u believe ?? (i started inking it at like. 2 am, before going to sleep lmao)

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day 9!
Just a cool dad hanging out with his cool kid 😎
I like drawing in this more simple style from time to time, it's very relaxing :)

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OCs blabla, mention of death, capslocks 

fun fact i drew anemones bc one of their meanings is "giving up" so I was like "WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE MORE FITTING FOR THIS MAN WHO GAVE UP ON LIFE AND ACCEPTED THE FACT THAT HE GOT CURSED TO TURN INTO A TREE"

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*slides in* reminder that these Inktober pieces r ✨available✨ n u can contact me if u wanna grab em

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me: i'll try to do a 2nd Inktober piece today!
narrator: he, in fact, didn't try at all

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my dad looked at my last Inktober n told me "oh you drew anemones!!" that's it my mission's complete you can Actually Recognise My Flowers

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day 17!
Harry doesn't know how to sit properly. Harry does fingerguns and peace signs in pictures. Harry is bisexual.

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day 22!
Highlighter gang 😎
The picture really doesn't do the flashy colors justice but I can't seem to get em right no matter what I try so you'll have to imagine the same drawing but ten times brighter! :'D

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day 23!
Mothman but like not the one u're thinking about
Got the inspo from a 1902 jacket that had this sort of small cape thing that reminded me of moth wings!

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@Mirima looks at myself, not sitting properly in class : uh

i really love the pop colors, it looks so cool!!!

@Mirima overalls? stripes? knife cat expression? popping shapes? gods you're killing it

@sempervirart djbsjshskslqjsk
I drew them right after Harry... the POETIC COINCIDENCE....

@Mirima (fun fact; i was just telling myself this morning that I had forgotten to mention Nima in the OC list yesterday) (i think?)

@Mirima j'avoue que tu es parfait pour dessiner des vampires super bien sapΓ©s et super pd

@kaerhon @Mirima
le dessin : h-
fiona : vous Γͺtes en Γ©tat d'arrestation
le dessin : acab mort aux va
fiona : arrΓͺtez de rΓ©sister

@kaerhon ne t'arrΓͺte pas tes dessins sont trΓ¨s beaux et une source d'inspiration bizou

What the hell, dude
What the hell, WHAT TH-

Mais je sais mais en plus c'est vrai ??
Tellement hΓ’te Γ  ton expo au musΓ©e de Mucha Senior Γ  Prague πŸ˜”πŸ‘Œ

@Mirima can i buy this one too? πŸ™ (i still need to dm you about Caleb's one, i'm sorry, i'm low on spoons these days)

@Mirima thank you :blobsob:​

it's so fucking good, my brain is too overwhelmed to make actual comments

Petit batard qui dessine (magnifiquement) bien.

Combien d'ailleurs ?

(D'euros pour l'acheter.)

J'viens de voir.

Tant pis, j'en aurai un autre. Puis j'exposerai tous les inktobers que j'ai achetΓ©s dans mon salon !!

@punky @Mirima Tu peux toujours rΓ©server le prochain Γ  l'avance

@Mirima i'd buy it too but i don't want to snag everything just because i'm always online (so i can react fast, i mean)

@sempervirart JJDBSJSBS THANK U BRO,,,
I mean u're in your rights tho :'D but don't ruin yourself buying my stuff, especially since u already bought 2 that took me a lotta time to work on D:

@Mirima bro i've been saving my birthday money for this i'm not ruining myself, let me give you money >:(

and that's mean, tempting me like that, aaaaah idk

@sempervirart kfjdjsjsjzj still it feels like u're giving me a lot of money n i dont wanna ruin u!!
yeah i mean u know, first here, first served, that's kinda the rule :')

@Mirima it's been years since i spend birthday money, don't worry, really


@sempervirart jdjsjsjssjjd
if you really feel that bad, you can always wait a little, and if it's still available you'll be free to buy it without feeling guilty :')

@Mirima mmmyeah i could do that too. or swap it with the Omen one since I know other people wanted it and I'll see at the end of the month if there's another one I want (not the Omen one obvi since i doubt it would still be available) aaaaaah jsp

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