day 1!
I'm in the middle of some kind of artblock so idk if I'll manage to keep up the whole month, but whatever !! it's about having fun!!

day 3!
Miri's tutorial on how to make something look fancier than it is: add a golden halo. that's it. that's the thing.

day 4 :)
The weather was bad today and for some reason all I could think of were the long winter school days during which I had to take the train to go home, so boop, you get a sad Iwan in public transportations. He's probably listening to some emo shit :V

day 5!
Woops, Selim's demon got sad and angry and started setting everything on fire. Poor thing needs to learn anger management!!

day 8!
It's not even 7pm and I'm already done with today's piece, can u believe ?? (i started inking it at like. 2 am, before going to sleep lmao)

day 9!
Just a cool dad hanging out with his cool kid 😎
I like drawing in this more simple style from time to time, it's very relaxing :)

day 13!
Here's Anthony :) Perhaps you'll get a second Inktober piece today, I can't say for sure, but I'll try!

OCs blabla, mention of death, capslocks 

fun fact i drew anemones bc one of their meanings is "giving up" so I was like "WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE MORE FITTING FOR THIS MAN WHO GAVE UP ON LIFE AND ACCEPTED THE FACT THAT HE GOT CURSED TO TURN INTO A TREE"

*slides in* reminder that these Inktober pieces r ✨available✨ n u can contact me if u wanna grab em

me: i'll try to do a 2nd Inktober piece today!
narrator: he, in fact, didn't try at all

update I'm trying, you won't get it today but I'm working on the sketch rn

my dad looked at my last Inktober n told me "oh you drew anemones!!" that's it my mission's complete you can Actually Recognise My Flowers

day 17!
Harry doesn't know how to sit properly. Harry does fingerguns and peace signs in pictures. Harry is bisexual.

day 20!
Surely you won't mind if I add to the pile of already existing drawings of vampire lesbians with open shirts

@Mirima bro the hair i'm in love it's so beautiful

also the overall piece makes me wanna cry

@AliceinCrystalTokyo Not fair. You live with him, you can buy the sweet, sweet art even before we can see it.

@Sylvhem lmao I'm not at my parents' rn tho, I just sent him a message and he was like "sure, you can have it" :'v

@Mirima looks at myself, not sitting properly in class : uh

i really love the pop colors, it looks so cool!!!

@Sapphaos 😎 the gays can't sit properly thatse it

thank you!! 💜

@Mirima overalls? stripes? knife cat expression? popping shapes? gods you're killing it

@sempervirart djbsjshskslqjsk
I drew them right after Harry... the POETIC COINCIDENCE....

@Mirima (fun fact; i was just telling myself this morning that I had forgotten to mention Nima in the OC list yesterday) (i think?)

@Mirima j'avoue que tu es parfait pour dessiner des vampires super bien sapés et super pd

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