still debating with myself on whether or not I should post that one drawing I only showed to moino lmfao

*scene cuts to moino storming in like a tornado and telling me to post the thing*

@sempervirart IDK im like is it rly finished?? won't i regret posting it and notice something I could've fixed?? am I not just overthinking it bc I just wanted this to b a casual doodle but now here we r?? man my brain is not cool with me rn
I think I'll wait for a bit, get back to it, and if I don't wanna fix anything, I'll post it! :D

@Mirima I can understand
Other than waiting for your brain and decision to settle down, another option you have is posting a sneak peak in your insta stories?

You can also make a poll to see if other people want to see the whole after you decide or correct anything, if that's another thing bothering you

@sempervirart i thought abt posting a sneak peak on Insta, yup! maybe that's what I'll do tbh

I'll probs post the whole thing after dinner lmfao im gonna yell at my brain like "STOP OVERTHINKING, HIT SEND" and bam

@sempervirart it's true u've adressed the problems i had with posting the piece and I thank you for that 😔🙏

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