quick question why does no one draw Sylvain with freckles, must I do everything myself
ANYWAY smol gift for @sempervirart who convinced me to draw this boy wearing one of those corsets we saw on Twitter!!

someone on Twitter commented "freckles Sylvain is the best thing thank you for my life" all in caps, I can ascend

"I see you're a person of culture as well"

someone with a Sylvix PP: *favs this drawing*
me: i don't know you but you are Valid As Fuck

@Mirima aaaaaah i KNEW he'd look so good in one!!! and those colors? 👌

also bless you for the freckles (and for the gift)

@sempervirart aaah i'm glad u like it!!

How could I not, it's a shame that so few people think abt giving him freckles 😔

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