don't mind me I'll be over here experimenting with my coloring and actually having fun with it for the first time in a while (it's so great y'all I'm HAPPY)

I'm having fun because I'm embracing the messyness of my coloring, I'm not forcing myself to get a super clean and polished look and that's,,, so cool honestly,,,


I'm enjoying it so much omg,,,, can it always be this way, please and thank you

I'm really pumped to do some Outfit August prompts now but,,, idk,,, which OC I wanna pick,,,,

@Mirima oh ;;
and what about your other choices? Harry and Efe if I remember correctly?

@sempervirart yeah ;; kinda sad abt it but tbh, I can always draw outfits outside of Outfit August :')

I might pick one of those, I'll see!!

@Mirima true!!

if I may make a suggestion (tho it might be harder than the others due to chara design), Marzipan? I'd love to see him in all sorts of outfits!

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