I like how I inked that
it's sketchy
it's messy
I like that

my eternal dilemma is choosing between "GO NUTS ON THE LINEART WHO CARES IF IT'S NOT HELLA CRISP" and "every line must cleanly connect with one another and if I don't get it right I will die right this instant"

please accept this tiny dooble of my husband Omen
I gave him long hair and he's too powerful for me now

did I just take 5 minutes of my life to draw this reaction pic on my phone? maybe.

*looks at the number of favs* damn y'all like him huh

ppl b thirsting over Omen n that's so valid tbh

OCs blabla 

got weirded out @ a notif bc it came from someone named Caleb and I was like "mY SON???" but no Miri, real life people have this name, not everything is about ur OCs

my brain: not everything is about ur OCs
me: how dare you

@Mirima messy / sketchy lineart is my jam
I mean clean stuff is neat and all but messy? messy has my heart

@sempervirart yeah it's so dynamic and looks so good,,, i gotta find the right balance of sketchy/messyness and sharpness to my lineart dsghddslhsg

@punky the Inevitable Pun that had to come up at least once 😔👌
But JOKE'S ON YOU, HE'S A BASTARD (.... who is actually a very good person in this AU...)

@Sylvhem thanks that's exactly what I was going for

re: OCs blabla 

re: OCs blabla 

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