I was reading the Wikipedia article about Goblins bc of reasons and the description said :
"They're rather ugly : they have an egg-shaped head, long pointy ears and rabbit's teeth"
... and it made me ANGERY so I drew the fuckign cutest goblin

@Sapphaos np je la trouve si choue, c'est un vrai bonheur de dessiner ses cheveux tout fluff 😭💜✨

And here's @sempervirenx 's OC! They's a shy little magical being and I love em a lot!! They's friends with my lil goblin too~

Aaaaand another design for @sempervirenx 's OC (thank u for creating them they's a blessing to this world, I love them sO MUCH)

@Mirima (en vrai c'est parce que je suis jalouse de son charisme et sa beauté naturelle)

@Nausicaa tbh you're only, like, stating facts: he really has an egg-shaped head :'D

@Mirima I have been following these since you drew him yesterday and I just have to say that I would lay down my life to PROTECT HIM

@Mirima The stronger protects the weaker. That's something I believe in.

@Mirima omg bro you made them so cute i can't
Blblblblblbl i must draw them all together

@Mirima @sempervirenx *presses face against the screen* hi hello when can I preorder the graphic novel of these cuties and their adventures?

@Murkrow @sempervirenx BLBLBL thanks so much 😭 💜 I'd love to write and draw their adventures in the future!!

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