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fishes day!

i do have several fishes and somewhat-fishes in the shop :)

not pictured
- red fish hat
- anarchist shark

RT ? :)

interested in a dinosaur or a dragon (they are close enough that i group them) ? i have those !

pls rt '^'

also if you have a pattern you like i can probably do it as a special order, unless it is "for personal use only", because you have to respect the creator's wishes :)

rappel que j'ai un liberapay si vous voulez me soutenir mais que vous avez pas d'utilité pour ce que je peux vendre ❤️

RT ?

(et pour ce que je peux vendre, voir mon profil)

i rly said "FUCK the coloring process" n started slapping gradient maps everywhere on my art bc im so smart

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I did forget to mention that it is Bandcamp Friday, today, which means Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share, so whatever you decide to give is what artists will get^^

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Le new release is out!
It is a "kinda prog rock oriented" 4-track EP called "Black Sands".

As per usual, you can check it out on my bandcamp:

This amazing album art was very kindly made by @robin (thank you so much, once again)!

I hope you enjoy and have a nice day ✨

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