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Yay my new is finished, it means it's time for a new !
Hi everyone, I'm Mirima (call me Miri tbh) and I'm an anxious bean trying his best!!
I mostly draw my and am more comfortable doodling traditionnally but as you can see, I'm trying to get better at !

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BTW I never really linked it anywhere but I have another account --> @Mirima
where I talk about my life, sometimes post selfies, shitpost a lot, toot the lyrics of the songs I listen to and (sometimes) ramble about my OCs. I'd say there are 50% French toots, 49% English toots and 1% Spanish toots (i thought it was important to specify this)
I'm active almost everyday on this account!
So yeah, feel free to follow me there! \(='w'=)/

i started rendering this a bit, will i ever finish this, no one knows for sure because i don't know how to paint and i'm a busy student

(i guess lmao)

i just can't paint digitally, what's this witchcraft

I did like the cool kids and bought this, I didn't test em out yet but I hope I'll be able to overcome my small artblock and color something nice with it!

lmao I'm at school and I have nothing to do for 4 hours so take this

[CW blood, knife]
Remember my "Perfume: Story of a Murderer" illustration?
Welp the students from the photography section in our school took a pic of it, so I figured it'd be better to show y'all what it looks like in the end, and with a proper light!

I actually drew this randomly a little while ago (on the 1st or the 2nd of November maybe) bc I liked the Inktober I did with Kai and it's surprisingly accurate with some stuff I've worked on only veeeery recently abt his story and AUs and many many many other things so hey, it aged well I guess

I like this one a lot more tbh, it's closer to what I have in mind for Kai!

it's been so long I forgot how to draw my boy, I'm so sorry Kai u deserve better, will work on that

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I think this is still the only full-body drawing of him I have, he's 9' long so that's... a pain to do haha

He's also a happy boy ok?? he's actually... almost always happy
idk why I draw him sad/angry/moody all the time bc it doesn't happen a lot tbh!

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