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Today's photo! It has a boat, it has a windmill, it has water, it has fun layered buildings - what more do you need :D

Recreate it in your own style, sketch it for practice, or maybe find some inspiration ^.^ And share your creations here!

Enjoy! :bob_ross:


Quick pixel doodle inbetween commissions. Just needed to destress a little.

Had some lovely farm-fresh fruit in today and the pears still had their leaves on, so I thought they'd make for nice still life images for you to use! ( also.)

These are all phone photos, and I used a big black A2-size sheet of card that was a cheap buy from the 'school supplies' section of the supermarket to create an infinity curve. I set it up on top of the oven, which is in an area of the house with no direct light, for softer lighting. (Two more in the next toot)

i am once again reminding u that i did not drop out of the drawing course by showing u this assignment of simplifying a panda's shapes 🐼
he is just a litel marshmallow...

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Decided to do @/olivehide's DTIYS on Insta :] thats his character Lee and he is a half-fish tax accountant 🐟

the OG post:

🍓 Strawberry Thief 🍓
(based on a print design by William Morris)

Here's your image of the day! Use it as sketching practice, reproduce it in your own style, incorporate it in something bigger, or just be inspired by it ^.^

Share your creations! <3


:mastoart: :bob_ross:

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Here's your pic of the day! Sketch it, re-create it in your chosen style, or just get inspired by it. Share your creations! <3 :bob_ross:


@Mirima Maybe you didn't polish it but you did your best to finnish it so we could czech it out.

all i do is draw basic studies and add VHS filter to make them look cooler

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hello and welcome to "i started a study but i'm once again too lazy to polish it" (timelapse below!)

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