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Yay my new is finished, it means it's time for a new !
Hi everyone, I'm Mirima (call me Miri tbh) and I'm an anxious bean trying his best!!
I mostly draw my and am more comfortable doodling traditionnally but as you can see, I'm trying to get better at !

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Artists..... they blow my mind......

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BTW I never really linked it anywhere but I have another account --> @Mirima
where I talk about my life, sometimes post selfies, shitpost a lot, toot the lyrics of the songs I listen to and (sometimes) ramble about my OCs. I'd say there are 50% French toots, 49% English toots and 1% Spanish toots (i thought it was important to specify this)
I'm active almost everyday on this account!
So yeah, feel free to follow me there! \(='w'=)/

me: *draws sad OC* wHY R U SAD, WHO HURT U
wait I'm the creator

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I fucked up the body so here's the head of my elf girl oc that I made as a friend for @Mirima goblin oc

It was originally meant as a way to relax but uuuh...

Seriously, @Nausicaa is so talented (tho u will perhaps not be able to understand her wonderful puns with my name if you don't speak french, but the drawings speak for themselves)

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ey tryna convince myself that not all my masculine OCs look the same

Designing myself sum outfits because my friend gave me cool mittens and I bought cool boots, it inspired me ✨

Aaaaand another design for @sempervirenx 's OC (thank u for creating them they's a blessing to this world, I love them sO MUCH)

And here's @sempervirenx 's OC! They's a shy little magical being and I love em a lot!! They's friends with my lil goblin too~

She's @Sapphaos 's OC, a tall elf lady who's friends with my lil goblin!! 💜

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One again, it's #FollowFriday time! This week theme is "#MastoArt".

@eecks, they makes some of the most beautiful ink paintings I ever saw. [en]

@lores, a digital artist who draws amazing landscape. [en]

@Mirima, doodles, sometimes more. [fr]

@noahbradley, famous illustrator. [en]

@Shyle, draws and writes comics. [fr]

#FF #FediverseFriday

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thank u all for loving my goblin son *sobs*

I want to give him a name now, crap

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