If you are brave enough to walk through the blistering sands and long summer days, a legendary treasure awaits you in the Sea of Sand. Something so precious and elusive that no one has returned to tell their side of the tale yet.

@Milly As they sat upon the highest peak in the sea and watched the Sun set and the Moon rise, it didn't take words to realise what the treasure was.

Back in the city - which they used to call home - they kept their companionship a closely-guarded secret. Being seen with someone other than your furkind was a grave misdeed. And having *two* companions? That wasn't even spoken of.

Their treasure was the freedom they found away from the city and once the twilight dance was over and the Sun rose anew, they did not turn back. They continued onwards. Eventually they traversed the entire desert and found new lands to call "home".

No-one has returned to tell their side of the tale yet.

#writing #SmallStories

@wordsmith That was wonderful, your writing style is lovely!

@Milly Inspiration drawn from a beautiful drawing style :-)

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