A few of the many sketches I made in April. These kind of sketches are crucial in the creation process of my larger digital pieces, as they help to establish what poses or elements I wish to show in a scene.

Tarot Sketch 8/?: Namir Seham, The Moon
Namir fits this card well, for it represents Fear, Mystery and Illusion. In the story Namir is often fearful for Aemile’s health, for he knows that the condition she bears was the very same one that took his parents. An element of mystery surrounds the condition due to the nature of its infection; it corrupts the soul instead of the physical form.

Tarot Sketches 7/?: Alata, The Tower
Loss, Destruction, Change. Alata goes through a lot of grief in the book that shapes and changes him into a braver soul, so this card was perfect for him.

Tarot Sketch 6/?: Aemile Seham, The Star
Aemile felt right for this card, particularly as it represents illness and despair, but also hope and inspiration. In the story she is chronically ill with a curse, but brings happiness and hope to those around around wherever she goes.

Thunderus (Therian Forme)
Warm up piece to continue practicing sharp lighting effects, I still have a lot of room to learn and improve.

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