🌌 Espeon Hybrids 🌌

A long overdue entry to my project, the eeveelution hybrids series.

The pokemon and eeveelution hybrids series are returning after a year's hiatus. Look out for an Espeon themed set very soon!

Quick playabout and practice with some lighting effects, probably won't finish this piece.

Zerphial's Ascension.

One of my longest running projects, this piece was started in 2019 but was put on hold multiple times due to not having the skill to draw some parts. It is finally finished, enjoy!

The Power of the Stars: The Prophesy of the Three Headed Dragon

Three very important characters in my novels (in progress); Alata, Teena, and Raen. They play a large part in the later chapters of the second and third book.

The Parasyte Queen

Revisiting an old piece, that is a redraw of one of my most favourite art pieces I've done. She continues to evade me and has taken three separate tries to complete.

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