Welcome to the world of Aeula, a curious planet with two unique hemispheres; one lives long days and short evenings (Diurna), and the other sleeps through an eternal night (Nocturn). This is the setting for my books, and each continent has its own deep history, cultures, and curiosities to explore.

One of the earliest stages of a Skyk's life cycle is a fledgling; shortly after formation within a nursery nebula, a Skyk will take shape into a small flame. A star this young will differ in colouration based on lineage, magic abilities, or soul intensity. Yellow and White are the most common colours of fledgling seen in the nurseries, whereas shades of Blue are considered to be of powerful potential.

Apeirogon and the Destiny of Tomorrow (Final)

The final version of the album cover I helped to bring to life. I did a majority of the artwork (seen in my previous post), but left the rest of the process to the other artist. This is the end result.

There are actually 6+ variants of this album cover, which use a different background/sky based on the song played on the album. This is the main piece however.

I drew this a few months ago for the artist Moonhawk as the cover for their upcoming album: Apeirogon and the Destiny of Tomorrow. I've gotten a preview of the album already and its absolutely amazing.

Really enjoyed drawing this one since I've never done floating islands before. Hope you guys enjoy it too!

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Tarot Sketch 15/22: Aeula, The Cradle of Life

It takes only one person to become the snowflake to an avalanche. Tomorrow is a new day, and the world shall watch with interest in your actions. Will you bring a new age to all, or a darkness wrought by your failures?

(Note: the colours have been flipped to reflect the darkness of space, so this card is the only one of its kind currently in the pack)

Tarot Sketch 14/22 - Kamala, Monarch of Akkri

Strength may come in numbers, but do not wistfully ignore the bravery in individuals. Show courage where others dare not, and prove yourself when the time comes.

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Head empty, just post 1000+ pictures of two gal-pals being cute instead 🥺 (in the exact same pose everytime, because my brain is too frazzled to consider the possibilities)

WIP / Three Friends

New OCs! So new that they don't have names yet. These are the second generation of heroes, and the children of the first party that saved Aeula from the great cataclysm caused by the Eldest.

Teena - Character Reference Sheet (all 3 forms + outfit)

Of the six that were fated to save Aeula, Teena was perhaps the strangest one to come forward in the world's time of need. No memories, no knowledge of the world around him, no name to call his own. Teena had spent most of his brief life alone within a land where the forests never sleep, until he met a kitten with fur as pale as the moons. It was this very kitten that gave the creature a name and a purpose.

WIP. Working on a full body reference for my boy, I will include his previous life's and corrupted forms too. I love drawing his yellow eyes as they always seem to look serious. I like that vibe.

Fun fact, Teena is my second oldest OC. He was born in 2015, Aemile was created in 2013. Ironically, Teena is older than Aemile in the books though.

Tarot Sketch 13/22 - Death: Immorte, Old God of Death

For every soul that is born, another will cease to be. To have new beginnings, you must first let go of everything that holds you down to this world.

Tarot Sketch 12/22 - Wheel of Fortune: Farley Rakkhala

Beware the tides of destiny and fate; for your actions shall have consequences beyond your comprehension. Luck is your greatest strength in the times to come.

Tarot sketch: 11/22 -The Emperor: Galaa, the Old God of Space

Embrace the delicate order that comes with power, or risk being swept away by its destruction. For the universe gives and takes as it pleases, regardless of who calls out to it.

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