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Starting up my .art profile here! I'll try to boost these to my main account too, but feel free to just follow one or the other if you want!

Fan art for #SpiderVerse CW'd in case people are wary of spoilers 

I drew one of my favorite scenes while catching up on Steven Universe

Decided to try doing redesigns of Jabberjaw characters! Here's all the Neptunes and an assortment of their adversaries.

Another redesign of an old character of mine! This one I developed around 2005 through 2008, but she didn't fit into the comic I started at the time, so I stopped working on her entirely.

So this is the first time I've updated her in 10 years!

NSFW Jeice from Dragon Ball Z. It's mostly censored but CWing it anyway. 

Did a redesign of a character I made in 2004 when I was 17 years old and hadn't touched since!

I don't know why she's a baseball playing zombie now. My sensibilities have changed.

I wanted to try making something that looked like an animation screen shot, so I did another fan art of 18 vs. Vegeta.

My comic Speak of the Devil is available to read for free at

Only 8 pages are up so far so you can get through that quickly! Updates with a new page every Monday.

Spread the word if you can! I would really appreciate it.

I did a bunch of pin-ups of my own original characters over on my Patreon recently, click through if you dare! 

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